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Two Car Garage

A play by Joe Spencer.

Chuck is the ultimate latch-key kid. Only sixteen years old, he lives alone while his father is perpetually away on business. His mother, Gloria, stops by to offer advice and do her best to raise him, but since the divorce, she has a life of her own. When Chuck meets Dollar, a middle aged ex-con, and invites him to live in the garage, a strange sequence of events begin. Dollar sees Chuck as a young version of himself, and tries to teach the boy how to survive in a tough world. Chuck needs guidance and structure, but maybe not the kind a seasoned criminal has to offer. Meanwhile, the mother has her own ideas about what Dollar's influence means to her impressionable son. When Chuck's older brother arrives in town for a visit, the situation becomes even more complicated. What defines "family"? Is blood thicker than water? This coming of age story deals with a child's need for caring and supervision, at any cost.....*END

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