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Treading Water

A play by Joe Spencer.

"What's the difference between sex and love?" According to the sensitive and romantic Joshua, love is the ultimate sensation: everlasting and all-en compassing. Not so, says Victor, who claims that love "doesn't exist" because it can't be seen or touched. The only "real" element to any relationship is the purely physical. Two extreme positions. Two opposing forces. One woman. Kristine, the bartender, has heard it all before, every line and come-on imaginable. Until now. Joshua wants to marry her, Victor wants to "crush 'er", "own her." Attracted to both of them, she is drawn into their power struggle and forced to examine her own needs and desires. Is she ready to commit to one man, for better or worse? Or is she better off with great sex and no strings attached? What she doesn't know is that these two men are inseparable. One cannot exist without the other. They are two halves of the same man, at odds over what can be shared. Without Victor, Joshua becomes a servant who lives only to please and cherish his lover. Without Joshua, Victor becomes abusive. Together, they are a perfect man. Individually, they are lost. From the bar, then later at Victor's apartment, the game is played out to it's completion. Through the course of one crazy night, three lives are changed forever. Or is it two lives?......*END

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