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Momma's Boy

A play by Joe Spencer.

Frank is a hyperactive motormouth. Damion is shy and streetwise, a lone wolf Malcolm is a sensual, childlike being. These three have something in common: they are all suffering from separation anxiety and all are hindered by unresolved issues with Mom. Frank is dealing with losing his mother to a violent and demanding stepfather. Damion is in trouble with the law for selling drugs to help lift his mother out of poverty. Malcolm is trying to improve himself so that he will have more to offer his mother when and if she returns. Three characters tell their stories about being kicked out of the nest, and how they've handled the adjustment. The play consists of three intertwined monologues that build to a collective climax. It may be performed by three actors, or done as a one man show to display the artist's versatility. Use of multi-media (video, photography, slides, music, etc.) is also encouraged......*END

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