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Bree Ann's Man

A play by Joe Spencer.

Sean and Bree Ann have been together a long time. They met in kindergarden, started dating in high school, and have been an item for years now. One problem. As B.B. King said, "the thrill is gone." Trying to jumpstart their stagnant love-life, they resort to an old cliche: get kinky. The young couple decides that a great way to create a spark would be a menage a trois with another woman. As the play begins, they are sitting in a restaurant, discussing how to find the suitable third party, when lo and behold, a strong flirtation starts with Holly, the overtly sexual waitress. She meets all of their requirements: she's attractive, she's not in their social circle", and she seems willing. When she agrees to come home with them, the bluff is called. After lots of drinking, dancing, and beating around the bush, it's cards on the table time. And a wild ride for all involved. ......*END

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